What are Ticketfast Tickets? Why is there a Different Name on them?

These paper tickets, also known as Ticketfast tickets, are the new form of print your own tickets being offered by Ticketmaster. Ticketfast tickets allow for customers to obtain their tickets by email rather than waiting for them to be shipped. Ticketfast tickets are as valid as traditional hard tickets. The name printed on the ticket belongs to the individual whose credit card was used to purchase the ticket originally, however this does NOT require that individual to be the one using the ticket.


I just placed an order on the web and selected ticket delivery via email. How long does the email take?

If tickets aren't immediately available, at checked you should have been given the approximate delivery date. Please wait up to 24 hours before contacting us about etickets that have not been sent yet.


Can you mail my tickets to me?

No, we cannot mail tickets to our customers. If tickets were sent by U.S mail there is no way of tracking the shipment/delivery. By using a delivery service such as Federal Express, packages can be tracked online or by phone. The customer’s signature is also required to help verify delivery and receipt of the ticket package.


Why are you charging me more than face value?

We carry premium tickets to sold out events, and pay premium prices to obtain tickets. Face value is not a factor in our pricing model. Pricing is based on ticket demand, availability and market conditions.


Are these seats next to each other?

Unless otherwise noted, seats purchased in sets or groups are always next to each other.


If I wait until the day of the event, do I get a better price or deal on the tickets?

Waiting until the day of an event to purchase tickets can be risky. The ticket business is much like the stock market and prices are based solely on availability and demand. If you wait, the event can sell out; the price can go up, down or remain the same. It is important to note that by waiting the customer takes the chance of not being able to get any tickets or paying much more than what they would have paid initially. Keep in mind that due to market driven price fluctuations, we cannot honor prices that were quoted out at an earlier date.


Why can’t you leave the package without a signature?

We require the customer or someone at the residence/delivery address to sign for the package. This way we have written documentation/proof of delivery. This is also how we verify the delivery and receipt of the package.


It says 2-Day Federal Express, so why didn’t I get my tickets on Saturday or Sunday?

Unless a Saturday Fed-Ex (additional charge) is selected, all shipping methods apply ONLY on regular business days. Tickets shipped out on a Thursday via a 2-Day Federal Express will get to their destination on Monday of the following week. Friday would be the first business day and Monday the next. If necessary, shipping will be upgraded to ensure timely delivery.


Does my child need a ticket if they are under a certain age?

Ticket necessity for children’s admission varies from venue to venue. There is not a set age, which would require the purchase of a ticket or not. If buying a ticket for a child, please contact the venue before placing an order to determine the quantity of tickets to be ordered.


What are my guarantees if the tickets aren’t what I purchased?

We reserve the right to upgrade customers at no additional cost to improve the seats if what they ordered is not available. If the tickets ordered or an upgrade are not available, a sales representative will contact the customer and offer different seats or ones that are comparable . A customer will never get tickets of a lesser value and/or quality without being contacted first and getting approval.


How much over face do you charge?

There is never a set amount we charge over the face value of a ticket. Prices are based strictly and solely on ticket availability and market demand.


What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Losing tickets is identical to losing cash money. They are almost impossible to replace. Please keep your tickets in a safe, dry place. If they are lost or stolen, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you any way we can.


What happens if the event I purchased tickets for is cancelled?

We  offer a full refund of the charge less any shipping or delivery fee. The appropriate amount will be refunded as soon as the tickets are returned to one of our offices in a timely fashion (this allotted time period will be determined at time of cancellation or postponement).


What happens if the event I purchased tickets for is postponed or rescheduled at a different venue?

Your tickets are good for the new scheduled time/place - refunds are only given when an event is cancelled.


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